1. Short hair, don’t care! 
  2. Ironically, the Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale actually made me happy because somehow, the supernatural problems are temporarily solved. And Derek didn’t die.
  3. AHS Freak Show trailer, Fall Out Boy’s new single & Heart Out music video (ahhhh my heart is beating so fast)
  4. Doing good in school works boost my self-esteem, yes
  5. Hugot lines and puns from Sabye and teachers #ButiPaAng
  6. Never-ending appreciation for arts and literature!
  7. Watched the cutest TMR cast interview!! (watch it here)
  8. The Maze Runner showing this week!
  9. UP doing their ultimate best in the UAAP CDC, and delivering a hidden advocacy to all: EQUALITY!

Read as much as you can. Nothing will help you as much as reading.

J. K. Rowling (via money-in-veins)

090514 Photo Grid:

a. “I may be out of your focus, but I shine so bright, you still notice me.”

b. “Do not just exist, live. Affect and influence others in your own and positive way.” Kalikasan, Kasaysayan, Kultura, Paete!

c. “I swear I could touch the sky, ohh, I’m ten feet tall.”

d. “Every step I take, I breathe in You, You are my way, Jesus!”

e. “Life may be hard, but a little fishy told me to just keep swimming.”

f. Green and blue; Seton and RC.

One can save people’s lives, but one cannot save people from their lives; indeed, it’s true.

Life, as we all know it, is very difficult. It may come to us as a black and white photograph, dull and boring. But when you start to look more closely and to see beyond, the colors and beauty of it comes alive.

Life has its ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Its purpose is to let us experience and everything, and with experience, the learning begins.

And people cannot run away from life. Life is our everything: our home, our teacher, our possession, our purpose.

One cannot save people from their lives, because people should live it throughout.


Countdown for Christmas, marathon of horror movies, visits in cemeteries, preparation of Christmas decors, and sembreaks. Longing for the Yuletide harmonies on the radio and of the children’s carols, and the cold yet gentle breeze touch your skin; keeping warm and bonding with the family. Excited to end the year with your loved ones. Family reunions. All those infinite moments.

Oh yes, the Ber Months are here.


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Since the week 2nd Quarter started, I always found myself resting.

Lessons were not yet discussed that’s why I am always able to chill at home, whether sleeping, reading a book, watching an episode from a tv show, or listening to my favorite bands. Sometimes, I even go to the mall to just stroll around, to eat, to see stuff and to simply chill.

The last few weeks of August have been momentous even though school (the lessons and discussions) is kind of “on hiatus”. (1) I had the chance to go to the market with my classmates for the Buwan Wika; and after knowing my grade in Chemistry (which made me so devastated I decided to have (2) the first date with myself; (3) I joined the MTAP training, and it is a mind bomb to be honest, and after that (4) I finally commuted from school to home, oops, actually to SM with Trina, Vicki and Danielle; (5) my dad bought me The 1975 self-entitled album, and there are news roundabout that The 1975 will come to the Philippines next year so I had to save money for it; Last Wednesday, Father Aloy, the former priest of our Parish, sent us a delivery, a 1-month old puppy! (6) We finally have our very own pet, and we named her Raine. (7) The VMA’s became a highlight of my month too, because I have huge respect for the people in the music industry, especially Queen Bey!! And Dylan O’Brien was there too so.. yeah. His birthday is also this month, (8) Dylan turned 23 yesterday, August 26! Happy Birthday, Babes! Lastly, since it’s the Buwan ng Wika, the elimination for the competition happened yesterday too, and (9) Sabye won 2nd place!! On Friday, from each batch, the top three competitors will battle for the three places, and I hope we will be in one of those!

These are not complete and there are more to come since August is not yet finished. I look forward to more awesome moments!