Since too much stress is heading my way in the following weeks, I decided that smooth music should be my companion.

  1. Chocolate by The 1975
  2. Find You by Zedd feat. Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant
  3. Latch by Sam Smith
  4. Say Something by A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera
  5. All About Us by He Is We feat. Owl City
  6. Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert
  7. Maps (cover) by Not Profane
  8. Things We Lost In The Fire (cover) by Matt Johnson
  9. Cool Kids by Echosmith
  10. All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran
  11. Can’t Go Back by Former Vandal

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"New Jordans" | Spoken Word 

Hello, guys! I don’t really share videos on my blog, but this is an exception. So I just want to ask for 8 minutes of your time. Just watch and listen intently to the video. This is a must-watch, and I can say that this one is made with so much passion for our generation. I needed to share this on my social media accounts, because when I finished watching it, it left me with this though: Our generations needs this word. 


At some point, I cried.

As a typical being in a world of beings, I would really feel like I’m just a small part, or rather, an inessential part of the world.

But at that point, I was really pushing my mind, letting it think that it was true. I’ve committed countless mistakes, I’ve made a lot of bad decisions, I’ve let people down, and I’ve never really thought of myself as an excelling one.

A few days ago, in our English class, two writings were assigned to us for reading. A poem and an essay. In my point of view, these two works were made for me to make me realize that I was really planned to be here.

The authors let me understood that I have a voice, whether persuasive, comforting, consoling, immortal or pervading; and that my voice can make a change through helping advice people. I will do my best to do that especially to people with issues and problems.

They also let me realize that my philosophy in life is actually applicable to my own doubts. I believe that we are all connected in the great Circle of life, as Mufasa said from the Lion King II. Each one of us is made for a purpose, and whatever our action or decision may be, can affect others. You might smile at someone today, and make that person realize that he’s worth it. You might decide to help someone, and make a little change in that person’s life. We are all connected, and we are made for each other.

Despite the doubts I have about myself, I know there’s more to me than just being a failure. A mission is what I have here and I will discover what it is. What my real purpose is. I am actually important.

At this point, I smiled.

  1. Stressful week but ended it with a nice cup of coffee on a Friday afternoon
  2. Visitation of Mitchell, Alea & CJ in RC
  3. Reading classic novels
  4. People appreciating your work and effort
  5. Moved date of examinations
  6. Sabye Jam Sessions: Love on Top
  7. The 1975 Frenzy — Matt Healy!
  8. Teen Wolf Panel Comic Con 2014
  9. If I Stay & Fifty Shades of Grey trailers (and The Maze Runner’s second trailer on the 29th!)
  10. Graham Balls!!

Supposedly, you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. Let’s find out, shall we? Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes library, media player, etc., and write down the first 20 songs that come up, no expectations. Then pass this challenge to 10 of your mutual followers.

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  1. Not Giving In - Rudiment
  2. Cologne - Clean Bandit feat. Nikki Cislyn & Javeon
  3. Team - Lorde
  4. A Town Called Paradise - Tiësto feat. Zac Barnett
  5. I Won’t Let You Go - Snow Patrol
  6. Polish Girl - Neon Indian
  7. Turn It Around - Lucius
  8. It Is Hidden - Marching Band
  9. Classic - MKTO
  10. Maps - Maroon 5
  11. Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear
  12. Beautiful Times - Owl City
  13. Demons - Imagine Dragons
  14. Idea of Happiness - Van She
  15. Triple Trouble - Beastie Boys
  16. Kemosabe - Everything Everything
  17. Sing - Ed Sheeran
  18. Sun Models - Odesza feat. Madelyn Grant
  19. Heartbeat - The Silent Scene
  20. Girls - The 1975


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I think I need this once in a while to help improve my self-worth and self-esteem. Appreciating one’s appearance, traits, and personality can help you be a better person, really! This is not about bragging but of being optimistic about one’s self.

  • I feel so proud of myself when I exert effort in one task and receive the reward I should get. Sometimes, I just get lucky and I thank the universe for it.
  • "The hair is a lady’s crowning glory." I agree! I just love my hair too much, now it’s long enough to reach almost the end of my spine. Having my long hair makes me feel comfortable, honestly. But since one should take care of her hair, I would let it be trimmed so the split ends will be cut off.
  • Some said that multi-tasking is not good, but for me, it is my expertise. I get to do the things that needs to be done, and the things I want to be done, especially when it comes to watching TV shows or reading novels!
  • I might not be as skinny as other girls but I am still proud that I can still do a lot of physical activities well, with it, I can consider myself fit and healthy. I’ll just have to continue eating more leafy foods and eating less sweets & salts.
  • Being a bookworm is not just about the hobby, it is also about what you learn in the stories you read, whether you may apply it in your studies or in your life. I will always and forever be a bookworm!
  • I am a jack of all trades, meaning, I am average to the things I know. I benefit from being one, yes, but I want to focus on one aspect and be excellent in it. As of now, I am actually working on it.
  • I love myself because there is only one me in the whole universe!
The Real Self

This year’s recollection may not be as tearful as last year’s but it has been fruitful and memorable. This recollection, I felt the:


There has been a communication between me and the family. Although the sharing part was only by group, we still shared our deepest thoughts and points of view in our lives. Some cried, it is inevitable; some shared funny memories. With this simple activity, we actually got to know each other better. I also had a communication with God, and with that I feel that we connected with each other. I shared my problems with him and my thoughts about the present and about my future.


An hour was given for us to be able to reflect on ourselves and our lives. I’m proud to say that I was able to do that. I challenged myself to explore the Oasis and find an object which can represent me and my personality. While doing this, I passed by the chapel and saw that it was empty. I went in and tried playing the piano. I played a piece which I can remember, and I was able to let my feelings out through the music. It was the kind of peace I’ve been searching for my whole life, and I felt it in that moment.


I felt my weaknesses fade away. Since the theme for this recollection is “The Real Self”, Father Wesley discussed about self-worth and self-esteem. In the past weeks, I seriously felt like I was failing in all aspects of life and all I would do is cry. Learning all about self-worth and that I need to really live the bible verse I appreciate so much “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9), I felt stronger. Like my group mates said we will always be “heart strong!”


I had the chance to talk to almost everyone in the family, and I felt that when they are giving their attention, I am valued and appreciated. Especially when Vicki, Lauren, Bryan, and Angela (shout out to the Socks family!) allowed me to hang out with them. With these things, my self-esteem actually rising.


Aside the spiritual help this recollection has given me, fun and joy was also a part of the whole experience. A lot of selfies and groupies were taken, even continuous shots which we can make into gifs. Even Ma’am Bennie joined us in our silly photoshoots! I love that everyone cooperated, even though we’re a bit noisy, so that everyone enjoyed the day. Thanks so much, Xavie! I love you, guys!