100314: My Greatest Heroes and Greatest Comfort

When everyone wishes for their October to start great, I never hope for mine to be. But it is given to me anyway.

Yesterday was Friday, the last day of the week, is often when students are motivated to go to school, because the next day will be the weekend; but that’s not the case for me. I am motivated because today is the day when the RCians celebrate Teachers’ Day!

You might ask, what’s exciting about this celebration? Only teachers get to have their day-off. But hey, as students, we should celebrate too, because this celebration means there are still teachers existing and sacrificing just for young people, like us, to be educated.

Not only that, there are also student teachers who will take the place of their chosen subject teacher. A well-rounded experience for those who applied to be one, I might add. They get to meet students with different personalities and traits and also experience what it’s like to be an educator for a day.

Teachers for me are our greatest heroes, because (1) being a teacher has other sub-roles like being a sibling, a friend, and a parent. (2) They also don’t just teach, they educate. They don’t just pinpoint facts, they let us understand how and why it happened. I salute teachers because (3) they have patience and understanding, something that is difficult to possess in one’s character.

On the same day, my closest friends came to visit us. Hi Denevie, CJ and Dex! Hey Mitchell and Alea!! *waves* At first honestly, I was kind of busy doing our project, but when I finally greeted them, I became overwhelmed!

They are not just my closest friends. With them, I feel comfortable and free. We talk about everything, we play games, we tease each other, we shared laughter and sadness, we agree on almost everything!

Seeing them, which felt like the first time again, and hugging them (especially Mitchell) is a great relief because it shows that our friendship never fades away. It is an amazing feeling, the greatest comfort I ever felt in years.

Is this too cheesy? I am about to cry. Without our teachers and without our friends, what would our life be like?

I only posted a few — four! — posts this month. Sorry, I’m quite inactive because of school works :-( I’ll probably be back on track after the exam week which is on October 8 - 10. Wish me good luck! (because I think I’m having low grades in some subjects… but then, optimistic powers!!) Have a good start of October tomorrow! xx

At The Moment

is all I am right now.
so much to bear, I swear.
my burdens drag me down.
I’d rather sink than swim.
for all the pain I feel.
fatigue will somehow heal.

  1. Short hair, don’t care! 
  2. Ironically, the Teen Wolf Season 4 Finale actually made me happy because somehow, the supernatural problems are temporarily solved. And Derek didn’t die.
  3. AHS Freak Show trailer, Fall Out Boy’s new single & Heart Out music video (ahhhh my heart is beating so fast)
  4. Doing good in school works boost my self-esteem, yes
  5. Hugot lines and puns from Sabye and teachers #ButiPaAng
  6. Never-ending appreciation for arts and literature!
  7. Watched the cutest TMR cast interview!! (watch it here)
  8. The Maze Runner showing this week!
  9. UP doing their ultimate best in the UAAP CDC, and delivering a hidden advocacy to all: EQUALITY!

Read as much as you can. Nothing will help you as much as reading.

J. K. Rowling (via money-in-veins)

090514 Photo Grid:

a. “I may be out of your focus, but I shine so bright, you still notice me.”

b. “Do not just exist, live. Affect and influence others in your own and positive way.” Kalikasan, Kasaysayan, Kultura, Paete!

c. “I swear I could touch the sky, ohh, I’m ten feet tall.”

d. “Every step I take, I breathe in You, You are my way, Jesus!”

e. “Life may be hard, but a little fishy told me to just keep swimming.”

f. Green and blue; Seton and RC.

One can save people’s lives, but one cannot save people from their lives; indeed, it’s true.

Life, as we all know it, is very difficult. It may come to us as a black and white photograph, dull and boring. But when you start to look more closely and to see beyond, the colors and beauty of it comes alive.

Life has its ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Its purpose is to let us experience and everything, and with experience, the learning begins.

And people cannot run away from life. Life is our everything: our home, our teacher, our possession, our purpose.

One cannot save people from their lives, because people should live it throughout.