Top Three Books of the Year

These three books gave the most impact to me. I felt joy, fear, sadness, but also love in these three books. I read these last November and who knew, I still remembered the lessons taught in these novels until today.

  • A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks: Although this book was written years ago, I only read it this year. I haven’t watch the movie as well. (too bad for me tho…) But anyway, reading this novel gave me the idea that life, whether easy or complicated, we walk through it. And there are some walks that are never forgotten. Especially if it’s for the one you love. Also, destiny is surprising as it seems. In time, we find ourselves loving the people we used to ignore and we become mature enough to understand the stories behind the people we meet. And in time, there will always be change.
  • Delirium by Lauren Oliver: With this novel, I imagined how my life is if there is no sense of freedom within me. Strictly playing by the rules will be hard enough if I want my life to be worth living for. It’s like being in the colonization of the Spaniards centuries back, living in a swarm of lies. And like Lena, I’ll do the same thing. Even if it is against a million people, I will.
  • Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher: Hannah, being brave and all, is very inspiring for me. She overcame bullying and other problems involving her acquaintances in school, and letting suicide as the wake-up call for them. That they are not only bullying her physically but mostly, emotionally. Her scars were from deep down inside her. But of course, it was sad because she had to end her life just to make them realize their mistakes and its cost. A life. Hannah Baker’s life. And for those people who are still afraid to admit their feelings for someone, give it up. Tell them, face them courageously. Maybe one day, they’ll be gone and everything you kept from that person will go to waste. Trust me.
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